The exhibition will be devoted to the commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. There are a lot of them. UAVs are widely used in oil & gas industry to control leaks, prevention and localization of fires in Forestry, to control the condition of agricultural fields, for ground mapping, to deliver medicines, cargoes, in cinema. Russia is a very big country – thousands kilometers of oil & gas pipelines, millions of hectares of agricultural fields, the longest border in the world, huge number of hard-to- reach areas. At the same time in the country, which is 1/6 part of the world the number of sold UAVs is less than for example in Switzerland. Certainly it doesn’t make sense. This situation will start to change soon. As soon as many customers will understand all UAVs advantages: economical and cost effectiveness, multipurpose use, the Russian market will grow impetuously, several hundreds percentage a year. MosDronExpo is a wonderful opportunity to enter huge Russian market, to get acquainted directly with new prospective customers, to find new distributors and partners. Be the first one to enter fast growing and very commercially prospective Russian market.

Conference Program

  • Leaders of Russian UAVs Industry about current market and it’s perspective
  • Government Regulation in UAVs industry in Russia
  • Commercial Use of UAVs: market segment and major players
  • Economical effectiveness of UAVs usage
  • UAVs flight safety issues
  • Investment estimation in UAVs of different types
  • Russia among the UAVs world leading producers and operators




  • 11.08.2015
    19-21 of May 2016 within Moscow’s Unmanned Technology Week will be held exhibition MOSDRONEXPO. Largest Russian UAVs companies will participate in the exhibition.
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